When you have spent Christmas Eve watching the family matriarch systematically reduce your family to crying, quivering children for no other reason than to vent her own pent up frustrations, the phrase,
“I need a drink,” takes on a new life. 

In an effort designed to meld self-preservation with reestablishing family unity and saving our favorite family holiday, this drink book was created. 
A bit of pampering, a flair for the dramatic and a very well stocked liquor cabinet gave birth to a series of beautiful and potent libations,
worthy of your best… and your worst occasions.
We do a lot with fruit.  It’s sweet like us and natural like us (if you consider candid to be natural).  There’s also the occasional nut. 
No explanation necessary.
We must caution you.  This is not a book for teetotalers. 
These offerings pack a punch with pretty much every drink
having more than one shot of alcohol. 
Use as needed.

Authors Marcia Skinner, Amber Skinner and Catherine Kitcho
Our Signature Drink: “The Christmas Eve Massacre”