The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book


 Find the perfect cocktail in The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book.
             Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Cocktails are always in season!       

We’ve all experienced family dysfunction: in relationships, marriages, and during family get-togethers and holidays. Sometimes all you can do is laugh (or drink!) In our family, we like to do both. This book got its start from a Christmas Eve get-together gone terribly wrong…but we think we came up with a brilliant way to work through it. 

Our book has 76 creative and delicious drinks, each with:
          –a unique name (such as Banana Split and So Did He, Family Feud
                Fizz, Unrelenting Guilt, and Sibling Rivalry)
           –a gorgeous photo
           –easy to follow instructions
           –a little story to make you think and laugh

This book is a wonderful source for any party, and makes a great housewarming/engagement/birthday/holiday gift. With humor and cocktails, you can’t go wrong!